Media Roundup – January 16

Clinical abortion services return to Fredericton – NB Media Co-op

Former Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton to reopen as health centre – Global

New clinic to bring back abortion services in Fredericton – The Globe and Mail

RJNB spokesperson Jessi Taylor speaking at the clinic this morning.           Photo by Tracy Glynn

Activists to open health centre in former Fredericton Morgentaler Clinic –

L’ancienne clinique Morgentaler rouvrira ses portes avec de nouveaux locataires – Acadie Nouvelle

Former Abortion Clinic Reopening – CTV (Video)

New Fredericton clinic to offer reproductive services including abortion – The Guardian

New health centre opening in former Morgentaler clinic / L’ancienne clinique Morgentaler à Fredericton va rouvrir

Clinic 554 health will offer abortion services, contraception, cancer screening and prenatal care

The emergence of the new medical clinic is the result of a fundraising campaign led by Reproductive Justice New Brunswick and the Fredericton Youth Feminists, which garnered more than $125,000.

The crowd-funding initiative started after the Morgentaler clinic announced it was closing.

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L’ancienne clinique Morgentaler à Fredericton va rouvrir et offrir une plus grande gamme de services.

L’établissement devrait rouvrir dans les prochaines semaines, selon ses promoteurs. Il offrira des services liés à la santé reproductive ainsi qu’à la santé sexuelle. Il veut servir une large clientèle de tout âge et proposer des programmes pour la communauté gaie ainsi que les personnes transgenres et transsexuelles.

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Pro-choice reflections on 2014 and predictions for 2015 – Rabble

Until January 1, 2015, New Brunswick had been enforcing a restrictive abortion regulation for over 20 years, even though it was unconstitutional and created hardship for women and trans* people. The regulation required a patient to obtain written approval from two doctors who had to certify that the abortion was “medically necessary” before being allowed a funded abortion at a hospital.

It took the shocking closure of the Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton, the province’s only abortion clinic, to finally spark change. Between the clinic’s April announcement and its July closure, a vibrant new reproductive rights movement sprung to life in New Brunswick. Its young activists campaigned tirelessly to raise awareness, and lobbied the government to repeal the regulation.

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N.B. provincial government publishes new abortion regulations – Global News

Right now, both hospitals that provide abortions in the province are managed by Vitalité Health Network: the Dr. Georges L Dumont Regional Hospital in Moncton and the Bathurst Chaleur Regional Hospital.

Spokesperson Luc Foulem said there is no plan to add to that number but what has changed is the way people can access the abortion clinics.

“Her first point of contact can be directly with our family planning clinics instead of going through a process of going through a family physician,” he said.

Foulem said the whole process from initial contact to having the procedure takes between two and three weeks.

He said it is premature for Vitalité to look at expanding the availability of the procedure.

“We don’t know at this point in time what our colleagues at Horizon Health Network will be doing, so there are a few too many variables at this point for us to justify making some infrastructure changes,” he said.

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