Twitter Campaign

The annual New Brunswick March For Life anti-choice rally took place on May 15th of this year, starting at the Legislative Building and continuing on down to the Women’s Care Centre which neighbours the closing Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton (see CBC article here).

So far we have counted and named twenty three New Brunswick MLAs in attendance at this rally, an alarming number to be sure, but let’s allow this to help us fuel our fight. We know what we’re up against, because they showed up in public to support the status quo.

We have been writing, emailing and calling our representatives with little to no response. Twitter is a public avenue for these MLAs to connect with their citizens. Let’s see if they continue to ignore us.

We have created a schedule that starts on Tuesday May 20th and continues each workday until we’ve run out of MLAs with active twitter accounts who were in attendance.

twitter campaign

For a schedule with active links, use this:

May 20th @billfrasermla (spoke at the rally)
May 21st @jodycarr_mla (spoke at the rally)
May 22nd @troylifford
May 23rd @brucefitchmla

May 26th @pamlynchnb
May 27th @jakestewartmla
May 28th @jackcarr_mla
May 29th @carlkillen
May 30th @ryanriordon

Don’t forget to add the premier @PremierNB to your tweet each day as well.

In order to ensure the maximum number of people see your tweets, make sure you have at least one character before directly addressing someone on twitter. You can phrase your tweet so their handle is inside your statement:

“Hey @billfrasermla, I can make my own medical decisions! #NBProchoice”.
Or you can add a period before their handle: “.@jodycarr_mla thinks his opinion should shape the course of my life #NBProchoice”

Just keep in mind that Tweets addressed to someone (“@whoever followed by your statement”) get put in your “replies” and don’t get as many views!

Let’s write messages, re-tweet each other, and keep it focused on law/politics. Every person deserves full, uncompromising autonomy over their own body. Regulation 84-20 endangers lives and infringes on our human rights.

While we want to publicly address this on twitter we think it is also important to name every MLA in attendance, and so we have done so by listing their email addresses here:

Those without Twitter:

Those on the Twitter list:

And here is the entire list in an easy to mass email form:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Jack.Carr@gnb.c,,

For a detailed history of this important issue, check out this piece by Professor Jula Hughes (UNB law), or this article by Joyce Arthur, Executive Director of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada.

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