RJNB Protests Liberal Campaign Launch in Fredericton


Several members of Reproductive Justice New Brunswick were present for the Fredericton-area Liberal campaign launch on Saturday, August 3rd. With an ‘Abortion Access Now’ banner and ‘No vague Promises’ and ‘Show us your repeal Timeline’ posters, RJNB hoped to reinforce the importance of the Liberals clarifying their stance on improving abortion access in NB, and how they plan to “identify all barriers to a woman’s right to choose and eliminate them“.  Although not indicated on the invitation or ticket, RJNB members were told only official Liberal party signs were allowed in the building. Most members remained outside, and were told that nothing in regards to reproductive heath was mentioned.


The barriers to access have been studied for as long as they’ve existed. The first steps toward ‘eliminating barriers’ to abortion are to:
-Repeal NB Regulation 84-20, Schedule 2 (a.1) of the Medical Services Payment Act which requires two doctors to sign off that the procedure is “medically required” and that it must be performed in a hospital by an OB/GYN;
-Repeal Medical Services Payment Act, Section 2.01, which prohibits government funding of “entitled services furnished in a private hospital facility in the Province”.

NB Liberal leader Brian Gallant: you know #NBProchoice is heading to the polls.  The Green and NDP parties have promised repeal, unequivocally. Stand behind your convictions and inform us of the decisive action you’ll take in regards to abortion access if you’re elected. No more vague promises. No more reviews. New Brunswick deserves safe, accessible, government funded abortion, NOW.


Media/Link Roundup – August 18

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Democracy on Trial: The Morgentaler Affair – Facebook Event for Film Screening in Fredericton (Sept 5)

National Day of Action for Reproductive Justice – Facebook Event, Various Cities (Sept 20)




Rally to #SavetheClinic today, July 18th! If you are in Fredericton, your presence at the rally will help demonstrate how important the clinic is to New Brunswickers.

If you are unable to attend the rally, you can still show your support! Tweet using the #SavetheClinic and #NBProchoice hashtags and let Premier David Alward (@PremierNB) know what you think about his inaction. Demand the repeal of regulation 84-20. Tell the government of NB that we shouldn’t be doing their job for them! Take a photo of yourself holding a message of solidarity! Tweet your photos and submit them to the tumblr. If you are able, make a donation to the #SavetheClinic fund.


The rally takes place from noon to 2pm Atlantic time. If you’d like to concentrate your tweets/statuses/photos to coincide with the rally, remember to adjust for time differences!


#NBProChoice Rallies!

Rallies being held in solidarity with New Brunswick this week:


Fredericton, NB – Thursday, April 17 at 12:30pm

Legislative building, 706 Queen St.

RSVP on Facebook


Toronto, ON – Thursday, April 17 at 5:30pm

Yonge-Dundas Square

RSVP on Facebook


St. John’s, NFLD – Friday, April 18 at 9:00am

Health Sciences Centre

RSVP on Facebook


Halifax, NS – Saturday, April 19 at 1:00pm

Victoria Park

RSVP on Facebook


Ottawa, ON – Saturday, April 26 at 2:00pm

Parliament Hill

RSVP on Facebook


Montreal, QC – Saturday, April 26 at 2:00pm

Place Émilie-Gamelin (Berri Square)

RSVP on Facebook


Charlottetown, PEI – Thursday, May 8 at 1:00pm

Province House

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Any others? Share in comments or email choixprochoice@gmail.com

What You Can Do

This is a living, growing list – please continue to check back, and add ideas in comments!

– Stay in touch:  Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and tumblr, email us at choixprochoice@gmail.com

Donate to the #NBProChoice organizing efforts through ARCC – or mail a cheque to:

Reproductive Justice NB
PO Box 761, Station A
Fredericton, NB
E3B 5B4

Call and email New Brunswick Premier David Alward: 506-453-2144; premier@gnb.ca

Call and email New Brunswick Health Minister Hugh Flemming: 506-457-4800, Hugh.Flemming@gnb.ca

Sign the petition demanding New Brunswick publicly fund abortion

Organize a rally in your city

Write to your Member of Parliament and Health Minister Rona Ambrose to demand they put pressure on New Brunswick to repeal the illegal restrictions; you can use this sample letter

Write a letter to the editor of your local (or national) newspaper in support of access to abortion in New Brunswick

Tweet your solidarity with the hashtag #NBProChoice

Submit a picture of yourself holding a sign of solidarity to the tumblr

Share your abortion story

Tell everyone you know about this issue!

If you have more ideas, share them in comments or email us at choixprochoice@gmail.com


Upcoming Event – Rally in Fredericton * Évènement à venir – Rassemblement à Fredericton

The Fredericton Youth Feminists are holding a rally next Thursday in Fredericton * Les Jeunes féministes de Fredericton ont organisé un rassemblement qui aura lieu jeudi prochain à Fredericton. Voici plus d’informations (le français suit l’anglais) :

The Morgentaler Clinic is being forced to close its doors in July due to lack of government funding. The clinic was the only private abortion clinic in the maritimes.

New Brunswick is not addressing the issue and is actively acting against our reproductive rights. We need accessible and safe abortions, and we need the government to start funding them.

Take a stand with us this Thursday at 12:30 outside the Legislative Building at 706 Queen St. and make your voice be heard. Bring posters, bring energy and bring your LOUD opinion!

Please contact Sorcha Beirne through facebook or email at sorcha.beirne@gmail.com for any questions or concerns!


La clinique Morgentaler a annoncé le 10 avril qu’elle devra fermer ses portes en juillet en raison de manque de financement provincial. Cette clinique privée est la seule en son genre dans les provinces maritimes.

Le Nouveau-Brunswick n’aborde pas la question et s’oppose à nos droits en matière de reproduction en continuant d’appuyer le règlement a.1) de la loi 84-20 (http://www.gnb.ca/0062/PDF-regs/84-20.pdf, p. 37). Nous demandons la possibilité d’avoir des avortements accessibles et sécuritaires, et nous voulons qu’ils soient financés par le gouvernement.

Prenez position avec nous jeudi le 11 avril à 12h30 pm devant l’Assemblée Législative au 706 rue Queen à Fredericton. Apportez vos affiches, votre énergie et vos opinions FORTES!