What You Can Do

This is a living, growing list – please continue to check back, and add ideas in comments!

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Donate to the #NBProChoice organizing efforts through ARCC – or mail a cheque to:

Reproductive Justice NB
PO Box 761, Station A
Fredericton, NB
E3B 5B4

Call and email New Brunswick Premier David Alward: 506-453-2144; premier@gnb.ca

Call and email New Brunswick Health Minister Hugh Flemming: 506-457-4800, Hugh.Flemming@gnb.ca

Sign the petition demanding New Brunswick publicly fund abortion

Organize a rally in your city

Write to your Member of Parliament and Health Minister Rona Ambrose to demand they put pressure on New Brunswick to repeal the illegal restrictions; you can use this sample letter

Write a letter to the editor of your local (or national) newspaper in support of access to abortion in New Brunswick

Tweet your solidarity with the hashtag #NBProChoice

Submit a picture of yourself holding a sign of solidarity to the tumblr

Share your abortion story

Tell everyone you know about this issue!

If you have more ideas, share them in comments or email us at choixprochoice@gmail.com


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