Survey on Reproductive Health / Sondage au sujet de la santé reproductive

Reproductive Justice NB sent a survey on August 22 to all parties in the upcoming NB provincial elections, asking the parties to send the surveys to all their candidates. The survey asked candidates whether they supported (1) a repeal of regulations that have been identified as barriers to abortion access and (2) the extension of reproductive healthcare in the Province. The NDP and Green Party both responded collectively “yes” to these two questions. The other parties, Progressive Conservatives, NB Liberals and the Peoples Alliance of NB, chose not to respond to the questions.

Le 20 août 2014, Justice Reproductive Nouveau-Brunswick a transmis un sondage aux cinq partis politiques enregistrés aux prochaines élections provinciales afin qu’il soit relayé aux candidates et candidats. Le sondage portait sur la justice reproductive et demandait leur appui pour: 1) abroger les règlements qui créent des obstacles entravant l’accès à l’avortement; et 2) étendre les services de santé reproductive dans la province. Le NPD et le Parti Vert y ont répondu favorablement. Les autres partis, le Parti-progressiste conservateur, le Parti Libéral et l’Alliance des gens du N.-B. n’ont pas répondu le sondage.


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Travel and Access to Abortion

Excellent paper on the topic of access in the Maritimes and creating barriers to access by forcing pregnant people to travel for abortion care:

On July 18th, the Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton performed its last abortion. Without government funding, and the generous support of Dr. Henry Morgentaler, the clinic is no longer sustainable financially. The closure of this clinic is a reminder that although abortion is legal in Canada, there are still significant disparities in timely access to abortion services. The closure of the clinic is part of a long history of women’s access to abortion services at the local level before and after the legalization of abortion in 1969 and the decriminalization of abortion in 1988. The lack of access at the local level has a major impact on obtaining an abortion in much wider contexts because women have tended to travel to other jurisdictions for pregnancy termination. Travel is one of the main barriers to access to abortion. Yet travel is often the only way women can access abortion services.

Via, article by Nancy Janovicek, Christabelle Sethna, Beth Palmer, and Katrina Ackerman

Thank You / Current Access Info

An open letter from Reproductive Justice NB to our supporters:

The words “thank you” do not feel big enough to express the gratitude we’ve felt over the last month as we surpassed our original fundraising goal of $100,000 in the #SaveTheClinic campaign. Our work would not be possible without your generosity and continued support!

The donation site will remain up and running past the July 31st deadline as we are still looking to finance equipment for the clinic and fund our advocacy work. Unequal access to reproductive services is a problem 20 years in the making in this province and any additional support goes a long way to help us eradicate these archaic healthcare practices… Read more

How to Access Abortion in New Brunswick / Services d’avortement à l’heure actuelle

Link Round-Up * Liens pertinents

Some news and reactions to the Fredericton Morgentaler Clinic closure * Plusieurs articles et réactions ont été publiés en réponse à l’annonce de la fermeture de la Clinique Morgentaler. Voici une liste de liens pertinents :


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